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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Dec 27, 2014

    31 Headlines That Require Way More Explanation

    It's almost as if they WANT you to read the article.

    1. Was that in the recipe?

    2. Who would get surgery for that?

    3. Who is this mysterious master of goats?

    4. Do they provide good arch support?

    5. What happened to Kid Rock?

    6. Is this something that happens a lot in Australia?

    7. Is this something that happens a lot in Canada?

    8. Why?

    9. Where did the dog get the Quavers?

    10. How did the Lady Jacks season go?

    11. Where can I get some of that meth?

    12. Where can I get one of those meatball sandwiches?

    13. Did nobody read this out loud before they printed it?

    14. Have you tried feeding them and finding them homes?

    15. I mean... is the horse gay?

    16. What makes a sinkhole adorable?

    17. What makes a cornflake scary?

    18. Again?!

    19. Does your insurance cover that?

    20. Did she find the Dead Man's Chest?

    21. Why wasn't this the first thing they ruled out?

    22. Who thought this contest was a good idea?

    23. I don't know. Is he?

    24. Was this peer reviewed?

    25. Wait... did he? With a?

    26. Did the newspaper make this happen just so they could write this headline?

    27. Did she win the argument?

    28. How many times does this need to happen before Congress passes legislation about it?

    29. ???

    30. Is this something that happens a lot in the UK?

    31. fsdadsafsafasd?

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