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    18 Reasons The World Isn't Such A Bad Place

    God is good.

    1. Thanksgiving meal grilled cheese:

    2. Pesto Mozzarella grilled cheese on rosemary sourdough bread:

    3. Colby/Jack grilled cheese with crushed chips and bacon:

    4. Caprese grilled cheese on garlic bread:

    5. Simple cheddar grilled cheese on Parmesan-crusted sourdough:

    6. Classic cheddar/American grilled cheese on Hawaiian sweet bread:

    7. Fried egg grilled cheese breakfast sandwich:

    8. Double grilled cheese BBQ mac and cheese monster:

    9. Siracha-grilled sharp cheddar grilled cheese:

    10. Grilled Mozzarella stick sandwich:

    11. Inside-out bacon grilled cheese with tomato soup:

    12. British-style mature cheddar and bacon grilled cheese on thick cut sun-dried tomato and olive bread:

    13. Spicy mustard egg salad with Muenster and sharp cheddar grilled cheese on sesame Italian bread:

    14. Deep fried grilled cheese sandwich sliders topped with fried pickles:

    15. Poutine grilled cheese with gravy and cheese curds:

    16. French onion soup grilled cheese:

    17. Steak and mushroom grilled cheese with fresh green onions.

    18. This of course, Brie and blueberry grilled cheese on sourdough: