22 People Who Should Give Up On Flirting

    Don't hate the game, hate the player.

    1. This pervert with a fetish for frogs with authority:

    2. This man who was too honest to follow through:

    3. This sugar baby with very specific tastes:

    4. This guy who's just trying to help his buddy out:

    5. This freestyler who just can't keep the lyrics inside him:

    6. This guy who's way too into meatballs:

    7. This girl whose blood sugar is too low for flirting:

    8. This guy who mixed up which game he was playing:

    DATING TIP: Put your arm around her. Then your other arm. Complete the tackle. 4th down now, they have to punt. Wait this might be football.

    9. This preacher who puts uninvited advances where they belong:

    10. This classmate who made his move way too early:

    11. This guy who messes up tried-and-true pick-up lines:

    12. This guy who maybe found the one person his move would work on:

    13. This person who chose the wrong time to drop her rarest Pepe:

    14. This guy who should have been more specific:

    15. This guy who knows how to grab your attention:

    Missed Connection: You were standing at the RedBox. I was in my car masturbating. I accidentally honked like 7 times.

    16. This trainer who used a Max Elixir and got his PP up:

    17. This woman who gives him more than he bargained for:

    18. This woman who must have missed the winky emoji:

    19. This guy who sent a threaxt instead of a sext:

    20. This fan of the 1992 Portland Trailblazers:

    21. This guy who just can't stop thinking about how badass this Charizard tattoo would be. Ugh. So badass:

    22. This emoji master who should just give up on flirting: