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The 22 Most Perfectly Timed Selfies Ever Taken

"Some people wait a lifetime for a selfie like this." —Kelly Clarkson, probably

1. The guy who went in for a selfie, and came out with rabies.

2. The guy who went in for an artsy train selfie, and came out with a mild concussion.

3. The girl whose selfie cost about $1,500 after all the fines.

4. The guy who managed to catch a sake shot and a self shot at the exact right moment.

5. The football fan who went down in BBC history.

6. The woman who is moments away from disaster.

7. The guy who really couldn't have done this at any other time?

8. The guy who managed to clap and take a selfie at the same time.

9. The girl who didn't even realize she was catching a pickpocket in the act.

10. The cat who managed to catch his human making a silly face.

11. The girl who can use this to blackmail her sister for years.

12. The woman who didn't realize she was spilling a bottle of water down her friend's top, and the friend who obviously did.

13. The guy who was having the time of his life on prom night. Oh, and his friend who made it to second base.

14. The guy who thinks this still counts.

15. The guy who thought that there was no better moment for a selfie than moments after his plane crashed into the ocean.

16. The guy who figured out that quokkas are surprisingly photogenic.

17. The guy who took the most majestic selfie ever.

18. The girl who got selfie-bombed by Beyoncé.

19. The guy whose selfies defy gravity.

20. The guy who clearly hasn't been read his rights yet.

21. Twice!

22. And the guys who had their rights delivered to them in the most succinct way possible.