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31 People Who Will Make You Not Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

On the minus side, most other planets don't support life β€” but on the plus side, you won't be around these people anymore. Probably worth it on balance, right?

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1. Employers who don't understand the concept of an entry-level position.

2. People who should keep their hearts to themselves.

3. Anyone who takes up three seats on the subway during rush hour.

4. This teen who's always looking for creative ways to spend her child support money.

5. This amateur historian.

6. This woman who should be banned from baseball games for life.

7. This poor deprived iPhone owner.

8. The "blogger" who needs to take notes on his laptop DURING the movie.

9. Anyone who made or wore this T-shirt.

10. This future English professor.

11. This 12-year-old bisexual who does weed.

12. Anyone whose mind is this easily fucked.

13. The couple who came up with this "brilliant" camping innovation.

14. People who appreciate fine literature.

15. And 14,950 people on Good Reads.

16. This person who is open to new perspectives.

17. Anyone who is dumber than an elevator.

18. This budding pediatrician.

19. This kid.

20. Children of the 2%.

21. This future reckless driving PSA.

22. Needlessly thorough teen burglars.

23. Brianna.

24. This woman who takes advantage of the kindness of others.

25. These future aviators of America.

26. Anyone who takes selfies with an iPad.

27. Or uses one during a workout.

28. The people responsible for this autocomplete.

29. People who think chickens are vegetables.

30. This person who is in for a nasty surprise.

31. People who can't even get platitudes right.

Welp! See you later.

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