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20 People Who Should Probably Start Looking For New Work

Those who can, do. Those who can't should probably do something else.

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1. Phil Tippett – Dinosaur Supervisor on Jurassic Park:

2. Any graphic design teacher who uses the font Jokerman:

3. The storefront designer responsible for this:

4. The Target employee who made this price tag:

5. This harsh toddler funeral critic:

6. Apple store employees who mess with people's Facebook profiles:

7. The guy who got caught surfing porn on national television:

8. The barista responsible for this:

9. Taco Bell employees who TOTALLY MISS THE TACO! (How do you even do that?)

10. The guy at Credit Star Credit Union who did this:

11. Whoever was too lazy to find this URL:

12. The translators at Dynex:

13. The editor at News 11 responsible for this:

14. Allen:

15. Whoever's job it was to hang these golf shirts:

16. The teacher who made this inappropriate (and maybe sorta funny?) joke:

17. The box art designer for My Friend Bernard:

18. Whoever was responsible for this person's education:

19. The bricklayer responsible for this:

20. This guy who was sick of changing signs:

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