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30 People Who Should Have Thought Before They Posted

There's a certain camaraderie on social media that makes you feel like the whole world is on the same page as you. They're not.

1. Rain. You're forgetting about rain.

2. Definitely an emergency party dress. That's totally a thing.

3. Yep. It's a state. (In fact, it was kinda the first one.)

4. What did you think that key was there for?

5. Yeah... That's a thing already.

6. Another candidate for #FailOfTheYear.

7. I don't think that's how it works?

8. George Eastman figured it out back in 1888.

9. I liked Emily so much more on June 21.

10. The only thing tougher than basic math is basic logic.

11. Just imagine!

12. A lot of the world struggles with that, actually.

13. Sounds like you had a busy night too.

14. Cannot unsee.

15. No. That wouldn't be pretty cool.

16. Mother of the year.

17. You mean a parrot?

18. This generation's Ada Lovelace.

19. Who'd a thought? Everyone. Everyone would have thought.

20. Not being racist, but...

21. Somewhere a furniture store owner is laughing to himself while he's counting his money.

22. Good way to figure out who your least intelligent friends are.

23. You understand why it can't, right?

24. Nope.

25. Stop it. Everyone go to bed.

26. Didn't you get my text?

27. My sediments exactly.

28. Move your thumb a little to the left.

29. Pretty accurate description though.

30. This one has a bright future ahead of her.