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    0 People Who Are Having A Really Incredible Week

    Start your week off on the wrong foot? At least you're not one of these people.

    1. Thomas Edwards:

    2. The person who received this pie:

    3. This victim of a very unfortunate headline placement:

    4. The guy whose scale even thinks he's gross:

    5. Rowdy Negro:

    6. Anyone forced to eat this "mac and cheese":

    7. The art director who thought a slice of grapefruit looked like the letter G:

    8. Anyone who receives coded messages from people who make lottery tickets:

    9. This loser who still lives with his parents:

    10. Anyone playing tag with this girl when she is "it":

    11. This professor:

    12. People with bad coordination but perfect timing:

    13. This guy who didn't show up for his family picture:

    14. The person who got hit by the world's most polite bus.

    15. Anyone trying to enjoy a bowl of cereal in this house:

    16. People who have had their heads bitten off by Mickey the mouse: