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32 People Who Absolutely Nailed It In 2013

There go our heroes. Watch them as they go.

1. The guy who didn't realize he was posing in front of one-way glass:

2. The cake decorator who swore you asked for a cat drawn on her head:

3. This 65-year-old dad who just learned about selfies:

4. The guy who was asked to Photoshop a missing team member into their group shot:

5. The Canadian graffiti artist who hates flutes:

6. Matthew's parents:

7. This girl's dad shopping at Hollister:

8. The guy who admits that he's "not a good English user" but just goes for it anyways:

9. Tumblr user kinglamp:

10. The pioneers behind turning men's shorts into fashionable dresses:

11. Whoever vandalized this billboard:

12. The drunks who wrote "bring McDonald's" in the special instructions area when ordering Dominos:

13. This dedicated artist:

14. This theoretical mathematics professor:

15. The first person to figure out this loophole:

16. Whoever decided that the Spanish version needed a mustache:

17. This man:

18. The guy who didn't realize he bought a child's tent BEFORE he left for the festival:

19. Everyone also making this purchase:

20. The guy who went to the doctor accidentally dressed like the guy from the acid reflux poster in his doctor's office:

21. These parents who just wanted a nice family photo for once:

22. This kid:

23. This book reviewer:

24. Whichever Netflix employee came up with this category:

25. The guy who was DETERMINED to get all his groceries in one trip:

26. This guy who needed a picture of himself in a suit but didn't own a suit:

27. This UPS guy who has it all figured out:

28. That guy who got caught picking his nose on national TV:

29. The guy who wore a Deadmau5 shirt to Disneyland:

30. The guy who cosplayed as the World of Warcraft player from South Park:

31. This woman who followed her dreams:

32. Bill Margold, James Dunstan, and Chris Weather: