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    21 Parents Who Need Their Vine Privileges Revoked

    When you're caring for children, there are a few basic necessities you need to provide. Vine isn't one of them. Vine is never one of them.

    These are all Vines! Enable the audio in the top left of each video then click to play.

    1. Any parent who creates booby traps in their kitchen.

    2. Any parent who lets their kid dance on the evening news unsupervised.

    3. Any parent who teaches their toddler about twerking.

    4. Any parent who uses a vacuum cleaner on their kid's face.

    5. Any parent who buckles their kid in like this:

    6. Any parent who exploits their kid's talents for revines.

    7. Or their inability to pronounce "despicable."

    8. Any parent who literally knocks their kid out by hitting them with a pan.

    9. Or a yoga ball.

    10. Or an inflatable mattress.

    11. Any parent who teaches their kids to use adorable yet irresponsible levels of sass.

    12. Any parent (or sibling) who tells their kid they have a bug on them.

    13. Any parent who doesn't warn their kid about that tricky step.

    14. Any parent who teaches their kids to scream "tuuuurnuuuup!" at parties.

    15. Any parent who lets their kid push them around like this:

    16. Any parent who won't get out of this kid's face:

    17. Or this kid's:

    18. Any parent who trolls his kids with promises of Disney Land.

    19. Any parent who pull this trick on their kid:

    20. Any parent (or babysitter) who doesn't check to make sure their kid doesn't have to pee before taping them up to a wall.

    21. Any parent (or sibling) who can pick their kid off with a couch cushion from several feet away.