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28 Times Tumblr Missed The Point

The tumblr community is full of whip-smart minds that are capable of truly inspiring acts of creativity, clever insights, and deeply personal works of art. And then there’s these people.

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1. A knife would never break like that going through round cheese.

2. He's right. According to the US Department of Education, Killjoke University is not an accredited college in the United States.

3. Geopunk doesn't care how serious this crime is – he's not letting this pun go.

4. That's truly inspirational dedication to luggage.

5. Also, not to nitpick, but I don't actually think there's anything wrong with the top right strawberry.

6. Sales skyrocketed in 1986.

7. Yeah, but is ANYTHING capable of feeling love on it's own? What even IS love? Deep thoughts, man.

8. Up is down, left is right, Squirtles are named Pikachu, and nothing is right in this world.

9. Stop being so gender-normative.

10. Take your stupid pronunciation and Van Gogh back to England.

11. Yeah, but they do a pretty great job of capturing the feeling.

12. How do you eat your butter?

13. christinaposabule sets 'em up, kawaiiasspizza knocks 'em down.

14. Whoa! That's, like, 80th base.

15. Always use protection.

16. This made me violintly upset.

17. Italics cause nothing but trouble.

18. Italians too.

19. Geez. Just take a second to look up the defamation before you use a word.

20. Wait, who uses a recipe for oatmeal? It's just oats and water.

21. nevercampbell LOVES suc– er... selling dogs.

22. You can charge more if the child is artisanal.

23. Are you sure? Have you compared them?

24. Dealing with a tumblr user is a little like dealing with a genie. You need to be super careful how you word things.

25. Tumblr user shuckl takes us along on a personal journey of discovery.

26. That'll shave at least 3 minutes and 6 dimensions off your shower.

27. When you're prepared for anything, nothing can take you by surprise.

28. Answer the question.

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