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    New "The Unwritten" Spin-Off Series Coming Soon

    Fans of Mike Carey and Peter Gross's The Unwritten universe can expect even more Tommy Taylor when the new spin-off, The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice hits stores this fall.

    Courtesy of Vertigo Comics

    From the Vertigo website:

    This exciting, original graphic novel explores the world of the Tommy Taylor novels in a visceral and direct way and is a great entry point for new readers.

    Twenty-five years ago Tom's father, Wilson Taylor, devised his subversive literary masterpiece. Now the blueprint of how a father gave his son vast power in order to accomplish a greater scheme is revealed. Partly told through Wilson's own journal entries, juxtaposed with Tommy's swashbuckling deep sea adventures with his trusty companions Peter and Sue, the story is at once a prequel and a parallel story to the ongoing series.

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