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20 Texts That Require No Response

"Swaghetti and memeballs"

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1. This terrifying realization about (Super)man's best friend:

2. This amateur fromagelier looking for some reccomendations:

3. This pickup artist who's more of a letdown artist:

4. This level of commitment to the pettiest of insults:

5. This plaintive call for help:

6. This stunningly bleak observation on life:

7. This anatomical impossibility:

8. This friend with a poor grasp of euphemism:

9. This parental claim to superhuman powers:

10. This seafood lover who just won't let it go:

11. This would-be pickup artist:

12. This guy, who is either a genius or a poet, or more likely has never used a keyboard before:

13. This request that they'll both regret later:

14. This rebuke:

15. This accidentally spot-on assessment:

16. This outcome we can all agree was correct:

17. This piece of information that they maybe should have kept to themselves:

18. This small but significant typo:

19. This disturbingly threatening use of dressing:

20. And this extremely good call:

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