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The 21 Most Brooklyn Things That Have Ever Happened

Concrete jungle where dreams go to die.

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4. The Brooklynites who would rather buy a new wheel than let the cops win this one:

Only in Brooklyn New York folks @davidwebbshow @Sal_LaBarbera @PhillipLaird

7. The time someone actually tried to market this abomination:


11. The time someone locked up what is presumably their most valuable possession:

I'm dying RT @Got_Key: I'm angry RT @ShowTimeRick: LMAO RT @Got_Key: Only in Brooklyn smh


15. When this place that I REALLY hope ends up being a joke moved into town:

I love living in #parkslope Brooklyn. Saw this on an empty storefront this AM. #slopelandia #itsajokeIthink

16. This one as well: