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    24 Moments Of Refreshing Honesty

    Honesty is the best policy. As long as you have a policy of alienating everyone you meet.

    1. This third-grader's stance on Earth Day.

    2. The owner of this coffee truck:

    3. This 6-year-old's stress management system:

    4. The footnote in this textbook:

    5. Caitlin's message for the soldiers:

    6. This sexually confused bar & grill:

    7. This repair ticket from The Wooten Co.:

    8. This "dollar" store:

    9. This super-informative lecture:

    10. This guy on his school's "opinion board":

    11. This kid's shirt:

    12. Hoffman Auto Body's generous return policy:

    13. This lonely biker's shirt:

    14. The sign outside this restaurant:

    15. This soon-to-be father:

    16. This storage facility that cares about family planning:

    17. Dom:

    18. The chalkboard outside this bar:

    19. This Nebraska town's offering of attractions:

    20. This car that didn't come with vanity mirrors:

    21. Greg:

    22. The sign in the bathroom of this restaurant:

    23. This bloodthirsty protester:

    24. This sign outside Downtown Threads:

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