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The 22 Best Reactions From Steve Harvey On "Family Feud"

We are all Steve Harvey.

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1. The time a contestant thought "porcupine" was a word that started with "pork."

2. The time he had to say the word "schlong" in front of an old woman.

3. The time a woman admitted to throwing poop at her husband.

4. The time a woman insisted that "potato" started with "pot" and it was on the board.

5. The time he caught a contestant staring at a woman's chest.


6. The time he was forced to think about his grandma naked.

7. The time he realized that there were more "weedheads" out there than he thought.

8. The time a contestant answered with "penis."

9. The time he started to lose faith in humanity.

10. The time that the producers made a contestant elaborate on an obvious euphemism.

11. The time that "baloney pony" was on the board.

12. The time a contestant's response was "titties" and he was so proud of his answer.

13. The time that a contestant was a little to quick to answer with "masturbate."

14. ...and then his sister responded with the same answer moments later.

15. The time he got really excited and started dancing around the studio because "va-jay-jay" was on the board.

16. And that other time he got excited because it said "her coochie" on the board.

17. That time he got dissed right to his face.

18. That time he had to remind a contestant to not discuss oral sex on TV.

19. The time neither contestant would comment on their sex lives in front of their families.

20. The time he gave a contestant grief for kissing his sister and the response was actually on the board.

21. And that time that "nipples" was on the board.

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