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    22 Perfect Responses For When Random Douchebags Message You

    They say the best way to deal with a creep is to just ignore them. Sending them an abnormally large number of pictures of Michael Cera seems to work too though.

    1. Give 'em the old "Aaron Carter."

    2. Demand honesty.

    3. Take a strong stand against the enemies of freedom.

    4. Ask them to add a dolphin.

    5. Give them what they want. Sort of.

    6. Ask what they were hoping would happen.

    But don't be surprised when they give you a frank answer.

    7. Never stop sending them this picture.

    8. Make them explain themselves.

    9. Be clear about exactly what you're looking for.

    10. Give them even more than they asked for.

    Come on. He plays hockey.

    11. Have Simon Cowell deliver the bad news for you.

    12. Give them a little smile.

    13. Discuss dinner plans.

    14. See if they'll buy you a boat.

    15. Try to figure out EXACTLY how many horns they have.

    16. Send some tastefully lit photos.

    17. Tell on them. Preferably to their mom.

    18. Return the favor.

    19. Use the universal language of love: Steve Urkel pictures.

    20. Play hard to get.

    21. Let your phone's predictive text feature reply for you.

    22. If all else fails, string them along with Smashmouth lyrics.

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