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Ken Jennings Quiz - Answer Key

See how you did against Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings!

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Answer key:

#1 -

COUNTRY TIME: In April 1939 this country absorbed Albania.

Ken guessed: What is Greece?

Correct answer: What is Italy?


SENATORIAL SUCCESSORS: 2002: Follows North Carolina's Jesse Helms.

Ken guessed: Who is John Edwards?

Correct answer: Who is Elizabeth Dole?


A VULGAR DISPLAY OF "POWER": Any of several portable G4 computers made by Apple.

Ken guessed: What are the Power Macs?

Correct answer: What are Powerbooks?


COMMUNICATIONS: On Sept. 15, 1921 the federal government issued the first of these licenses.

Ken guessed: What is ham radio?

Correct answer: What is a broadcast radio license?


IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT...: To know the truth of the Matrix, take this color pill.

Ken guessed: What is the blue pill?

Correct answer: What is the red pill?


EUROPEAN ISLANDS: Gavdos, an islet administratively part of this larger island, is Europe's southernmost point.

Ken guessed: What is Cyprus?

Correct answer: What is Crete?


THE STING: Most bar recipes for the stinger call for the white version of this potent potable, not the green.

Ken guessed: What is brandy?

Correct answer: What is créme de menthe?


THE FRENCH CONNECTION: A homophone for the French word for "wheel", you need a good one to make gumbo.

Ken guessed: What is roulade?

Correct answer: What is a roux?


SCOTLAND: In Scotland lochs are lakes & these are wide bays into which most of Scotland's rivers flow.

Ken guessed: What is a forth?

Correct answer: What are firths?


FORMER CAPITALS: Before Dover took over you had to carry your coals to this capital of Delaware.

Ken guessed: What is Wilmington?

Correct answer: What is Newcastle?


WOULD YOU LIKE A BEVERAGE?: In ancient Peru, only certain priestesses were allowed to brew this beverage they considered very sacred.

Ken guessed: What is coffee?

Correct answer: What is beer?


JUNE BUGGED: Zut! On June 22, 1815, 4 days after Waterloo, Napoleon had to do this officially for the second time.

Ken guessed: What is surrender?

Correct answer: What is abdicate?


POPULAR SCIENCE TOP STORIES OF 2003: This scientist, a model for Dr. Strangelove, passed away in September at age 95.

Ken guessed: Who is Wernher von Braun?

Correct answer: Who is Edward Teller?


WALKING THE DOG: 3 AKC-recognized breeds have "miniature" in their names: miniature pinscher, miniature bull terrier & this.

Ken guessed: What is a miniature poodle?

Correct answer: What is a miniature schnauzer?


COLONIAL AMERICA: The first stagecoach line was established in 1732 between Burlington & Amboy in this colony.

Ken guessed: What is Vermont?

Correct answer: What is New Jersey?