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    27 Times The Irony Was Too Real

    Here are a few things for your follow-up single, Alanis.

    1. When history repeated itself.

    2. Twice.

    3. When they wanted to play pingpong, but couldn't bother standing up.

    4. The time she flipped the script.

    5. The moment before this guy got a traffic ticket and a valuable lesson.

    6. When this video couldn't help the only people it was made to help.

    7. The moment this guy got to Chapter 2 and realized his first mistake.

    8. The time the WindSeeker got the job done.

    9. This book left behind after a plane ride.

    10. The time the universe just gave up.

    11. When this guy gave in to his issues.

    12. These students who knew exactly what they were doing.

    13. The moment this school lost its accreditation.

    14. The time Dominos finally lived up to its name.

    15. When The Sliding Door Company fired its office designer.

    16. This dog who will overcome all obstacles.

    17. When Joe Power decided to get into a new line of work.

    18. The time "prunesquallor" decided to finally buy a dictionary.

    19. The moment Halfords thought it might be a good idea to rethink its marketing materials.

    20. This kid who went 1 for 12 in style.

    21. The time these guys got caught sleeping on the job.

    22. The Earth Day run that reminded us all not to litter.

    23. When all the Borders closed, but the old quotes remained.

    24. This gym rat taking a breather.

    25. The moment before this guy scheduled an appointment at the tattoo removal place.

    26. The dance everyone forgot about.

    27. And of course, this genius.