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20 People Who Immediately Recognized Their Mistake

"Oh shit." —These people

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1. Her mistake: Not keeping her middle fingers on 10 and 2.

2. His mistake: Skipped class on day they learned about Isaac Newton.

3. His mistake: Forgot that TV can't high-five back.

4. His mistake: Letting go.

5. Their mistake: Too efficient. Able to make two trips in just one.

6. His mistake: Asking for a baby brother for Christmas all those years ago.

7. His mistake: Putting crotch right in the grab zone.

8. His mistake: Assuming he was smarter than the animals the electric fence was meant for.

9. Their mistake: Explaining rules of baseball too well.

10. His mistake: Thought van was an optical illusion.

11. Her mistake: Being high-five height/having very high-fivable face.

12. His mistake: Being friends with an actual ninja.

13. His mistake: Not going with a simple and tasteful pinot grigio instead.

14. His mistake: Ever taking up breakdancing in the first place.

15. His mistake: Forgot he had skin. Soft, burnable skin.

16. His mistake: Didn't check for snipers.

17. Their mistake: Too old for bunk beds.

18. His mistake: Didn't stretch before attempting.

19. Her mistake: Thought "this is hot" was in reference to her singing.

20. Their mistake: Wrong place, wrong time.

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