If NFL Teams Were British

First things first, we’d need to change the name of the sport to something more appropriate. I might suggest “Jolly Old Hand Egg Toss-and-Catchy.”

1. Those In Her Majesty’s Service

3. Brooksfieldshire Billygoats

5. Buckingham Buccaneers

8. Crimson Flighty Birds

11. Dazzling Lightybulbs

14. Gormless Gallopers

17. Jolly Good Biters

18. Those Dastardly Nugget Nabbers

19. Pontificating Poochies

21. Quality Marching Fellows

24. Delightful Chums we had a tendency to oppress

26. Swoopy Little Blighters

27. Stonking Tweety Birds

32. Whiskery GrowlyCats

33. Williamson Williamchester Williams III

Via thedrawplay.com

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