The 31 Greatest Roller Coaster Poses

    There's an elusive art to the perfect roller coaster photo. These people have perfected it.

    1. The classic "I'm in extreme terror"

    2. The classic "No, seriously... I'm in extreme terror!"

    3. The "This is how I die"

    4. The "Men in Black"

    5. The "Sack Lunch"

    6. The "So Casual It Hurts"

    7. The "Face Melter"

    8. The "Main Event"

    9. The "Spotlight Stealer"

    10. The "Power Fist"

    11. The "Charging Cavalry"

    12. The "Go DIrectly To Jail"

    13. The "Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?" (Dwayne Johnson only.)

    14. The "Anything is Possible"

    15. The "Macho Man"

    16. The "Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba"

    17. The "Double Wet"

    18. The "Where's Perry?"

    19. The "Sommelier"

    20. The "#OSM"

    21. The "Hold on, everyone around me won't stop screaming."

    22. The "Lean On Me"

    23. The "You Gonna Finish Those Fries?"

    24. The "Face-paint Nightmare"

    25. The "Stick-Up"

    26. The "Screaming Eagle"

    27. The "Creepy Uncle"

    28. The "Morning Routine"

    29. The "Can you hear me now?"

    30. The "Chin Tickler"

    31. The "Quick Breakfast"