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36 Hazards You Can Expect To Encounter While Driving In Russia

Whoever is in charge of handing out driver's licenses in Russia is long overdue for a performance review.

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1. Cars flipping over for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

2. Creepy naked babies coming out of absolutely nowhere.

3. Wide, WIDE left turns.

4. Cars driving upside-down.

5. Massive trucks bursting into flames.

6. Or suddenly and unexpectedly toppling over then ramming you head-on.

7. You'll also see disgruntled pedestrians who have a lot of feelings about the way you drive.

8. Especially if you almost run into them.

9. People who don't take kindly to insurance scammers.

10. Some pretty sick Fast and Furious–style stunts.

11. Extremely close calls and very nimble pedestrians.

12. Unexpected open manholes.

13. Sudden appearances from low-flying helicopters.

14. And fighter jets.

15. People who left the gas station in a hurry.

16. Lightning striking.

17. Motorists who have no issue driving an automobile missing a wheel.

18. Left turns from the right lane.

19. Lumber trucks suddenly tipping over, sending logs flying everywhere like in Final Destination.

20. Accident victims who have better places to be.

21. Surprise branches.

22. Semis with convenient ejection seats.

23. Shoulder cutters receiving instant karma.

24. Compact tractors.

25. Hay bales on wheels.

26. Motorists with little regard for medians.

27. But for all the crazy things, there are also a lot of heartwarming sights, like this stranger clearing off someone's signals for them.

28. Or people stopping just to help old ladies across the street.

29. It happens all the time over there.

30. Or stopping to help people with crutches get back on their feet.

31. There's also a lot of stopping for impromptu horse crossings.

32. Or cat crossings.

33. Or duckling crossings.

34. Motorcyclists helping people with their mirrors.

35. And a lot of people helping one another out with a quick tow.

36. And a little gratitude for a good deed.

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