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The 26 Greatest Bootleg DVD Translations

#1 Funny American DVD actors tronslated poorly.Much fun. Let's go see quickly! Storring Ahnold Shartzneger and USA Actor #1.

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1. That's just in poor taste, Ebert and Roeper:

2. Love that they left Matthew Broderick on there, and just made him way smaller:

3. More like Game of THORS! Am I right?

4. The review on the back is right, the first "Loin King" was WAY better:

5. One-eyed man Nick Fairui, leader of the Global Safety Shield Board (SHIELD) saves the world with United States of America Captain:

6. In the cinema, you will not want to sit behind him:

7. Reluctant hero has no shoes!

8. They're not even scathing reviews, they're apathetic. That's somehow much worse:

9. This sounds WAY more watchable than the original:

10. Makes me wonder what movie they could have possibly gotten that description from:

11. Truth:

12. Can you imagine how much better this would have made the prequels?

13. Watch it quick!

14. Sounds adorable!

15. Star Wars, the scathing documentary about copyright infringement, definitely made me afraid to go in the water:

16. If the pictures were not there, I'd have a tough time telling you what this was a bootleg of:

17. Christopher Null's quote really sells this movie for me:

18. Whoa, I know it was great, but I didn't realize that "Bean" was nominated for NINE academy awards:

19. It's been a while since I've seen "Star Wars," but this doesn't seem right:

20. This is actually really helpful. I wish all DVDs had brutally honest reviews on the box:

21. Who doesn't?

22. The blurb from "Harry Potter and the Paparazzi's Peril":

23. He wants to take control of ALL the natural resources of the terrestrial sphere?

24. Can't tell if this is a bootleg DVD, or a bootleg cereal brand. Could go either way:

25. All the vowel keys on this guy's keyboard stopped working, except for the "o" key:

26. "Guys... Where are we?"

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