The 26 Greatest Bootleg DVD Translations

#1 Funny American DVD actors tronslated poorly.Much fun. Let’s go see quickly! Storring Ahnold Shartzneger and USA Actor #1.

1. That’s just in poor taste, Ebert and Roeper:

2. Love that they left Matthew Broderick on there, and just made him way smaller:

3. More like Game of THORS! Am I right?

4. The review on the back is right, the first “Loin King” was WAY better:

5. One-eyed man Nick Fairui, leader of the Global Safety Shield Board (SHIELD) saves the world with United States of America Captain:

6. In the cinema, you will not want to sit behind him:

7. Reluctant hero has no shoes!

8. They’re not even scathing reviews, they’re apathetic. That’s somehow much worse:

9. This sounds WAY more watchable than the original:

10. Makes me wonder what movie they could have possibly gotten that description from:

12. Can you imagine how much better this would have made the prequels?

15. Star Wars, the scathing documentary about copyright infringement, definitely made me afraid to go in the water:

16. If the pictures were not there, I’d have a tough time telling you what this was a bootleg of:

17. Christopher Null’s quote really sells this movie for me:

18. Whoa, I know it was great, but I didn’t realize that “Bean” was nominated for NINE academy awards:

19. It’s been a while since I’ve seen “Star Wars,” but this doesn’t seem right:

20. This is actually really helpful. I wish all DVDs had brutally honest reviews on the box:

21. Who doesn’t?

22. The blurb from “Harry Potter and the Paparazzi’s Peril”:

23. He wants to take control of ALL the natural resources of the terrestrial sphere?

24. Can’t tell if this is a bootleg DVD, or a bootleg cereal brand. Could go either way:

25. All the vowel keys on this guy’s keyboard stopped working, except for the “o” key:

26. “Guys… Where are we?”

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