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    Fune Is The Most Painfully Cute Thing To Ever Happen To Instagram

    Fune is your new favorite Instagram dog. At least, I think it's a dog.

    Meet Fune.

    Fune is supposedly a Japanese Chin, but looks more like a tiny adorable E.T. if you ask me.

    Or maybe some kind of baby bunny?

    Oh! Or a hamster! Definitely a hamster, and definitely not a dog.

    Whatever it is, it's cute as heck.

    Fune lives in Japan with it's human, Juntowa.

    Fune also has a big sister (brother?) named Tara.

    Fune and Tara spend all their time together.

    And go everywhere together.

    Except when Fune is hanging out with his friend Ikura the cat.

    Fune and Ikura are like besties. They love each other.

    But this isn't about Ikura or Tara, they get enough attention from their book. This is about Fune.

    If you want more Fune in your life, (and who wouldn't?) go follow Juntowa on Instagram!

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