20 Memes Only “Star Wars” Fans Will Understand

That’s no meme…

1. The inevitable stormtrooper redesign for Episode VIII:

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2. Young Anakin’s total lack of vision:

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3. Using simple math to prove Rey’s heritage:

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4. Disney eradicating the entire Extended Universe:

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5. Rey’s accidental criticism of the prequel trilogy:

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6. Ewok missionaries sharing the good new about C-3PO:

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7. Finn and Poe’s beautiful bromance:

Love the Bro Dameron memes #Bromance #FinnPoe

— Jarred Johnson (@jarjoh)

8. The truth about Luke’s most cherished possession:

9. Kylo Ren finally catching up with BB-8 on the publicity tour:


— Scott Dobby (@SadnessWillSear)

10. Darth Vader selfies:

Front camera vs. back camera

— Distractify (@Distractify)

11. Sharing Maz’s gift for seeing the same eyes in different people:

I knew she looked familiar...

— Grant Wilson (@grantswilson)

12. Obi-Wan big plans for the evening:

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13. Bad Luck Greedo:

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14. The greatest pun in a galaxy far, far away or anywhere else for that matter:

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15. Luke’s utter disregard for proper lightsaber safety:

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16. The Empire’s embarrassing downfall:

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17. Anakin’s final wish:

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18. Ben Kenobi’s nostalgia for his days on Mustafar:

LOL 😂😂 I love Star Wars memes!

— Frost XCII (@FrostXCII)

19. Dating tips from Queen Amidala:

Instagram vs real life

— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth)

20. Episode VII: The Force Hits Snooze, Like, 10 Times:

Possibly the funniest #StarWars meme that I have seen #ForceAwakens

— Martin Downes (@martin_downes)

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