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The 21 Easiest Ways To Make Everyone Around You Uncomfortable

Making the world a more awkward place, one Vine at a time with Jérôme Jarre.

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These are all Vines! Enable the audio in the top left of each video then click to play.

1. Sing at people as you pass them on the escalator.

Touch their hands as they get close.

2. Sing at people as they're sunbathing in the park.

Make sure to get their attention by whispering "I love you" in their ear first.

3. Sing at people on the subway.

Try to get a friend involved.


4. Take cookies from people without asking.

Sing as you do it.

5. Do "llama face" on the subway.

Loudly announce it right before you do it. People are going to want to see this.

6. Be there when people wake up from a nap in the park.

Nobody wants to wake up alone.

7. Approach strangers and quote movie lines at them.

8. Touch mustaches.

You're absolutely going to want to sing as you do it.

9. Insist you're employed by just walking behind the counter and getting to work.

Try your best to not look like you're there to rob the place.

10. High-five every person you see hailing a cab.

11. Insist on being in strangers' family pictures.

12. "Get" peoples' noses.

Get in close with a feint, then just get their nose and get out of there.

13. Form quick, desperate romantic relationships with people pulling away on trains.

14. Aggressively shout the word "love" at people.

15. Get people to join you for a pillow fight.

Don't give them a choice.


16. Ask people to be your princess.

Make it official by putting a bow on their head.

17. Tell people that they're cute.

Pinch their cheeks for added effect.

18. Get people to share their umbrella by confessing your undying love for them.

19. Most importantly, never stop...

20. ...touching peoples'...

21. ...hands! Works every time.