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22 Vines That Prove That Kids Are Worse Than Drunks

Sir, I think you've had enough.

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1. They can't handle themselves in public.

2. Their motor control is really terrible.

3. They get confused easily.

4. They shouldn't be trusted behind the wheel of a car.

5. They don't make any damn sense.

6. They spill their drinks everywhere.

7. They're really into "Drunken Love."

8. It takes very little to make them laugh uncontrollably.

9. They tend to get really jealous.

10. They're excited to sing along when their jam comes on, but not great at nailing the lyrics.

11. They're inexplicably good at dancing.

12. They're prone to irrational bouts of rage.

13. They've got no inhibitions, so they're always talking about penises.

14. They have absolutely no sense of shame.

15. They get a little too excited about food.

16. They're incoherent.

17. They're totally uncoordinated.

18. They tend to do stupid things.

19. They're not great at keeping an eye on one another.

20. They can't even stand still without falling over.

21. They tend to get a little punchy when they wake up.

22. And when you get enough of them together, everything just goes to hell.

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