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    11 Comics Every Introvert Will Understand

    You. In 11 comics.

    1. There's always just one thing on your mind at every party you go to.

    2. You're much happier spending a quiet night in, and you're fine with that.

    3. You never have quite the right words in unexpected social situations.

    4. You can always be found where people aren't.

    5. You're fine going through a complete day without ever putting pants on.

    6. You know how tough it can be to make friends sometimes.

    7. Sometimes you can't be bothered. Actually, most of the time.

    8. We all wish everyone could just follow the rules for living with an introvert.

    9. You know that alone is different from lonely.

    10. If you ever found yourself in one of these situations, you'd be screwed.

    11. You are more like a cat than you care to admit.