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    16 People Who Made The Tough Call

    Growing up is all about making difficult decisions. These people clearly aren't quite there yet.

    1. The key to getting healthy is really committing to the lifestyle.

    2. Sure, that looks like it would have made a great breakfast, but this guy's gotta make it through tonight first:

    3. It's amazing how quickly kids grow up these days.

    4. Or not.

    5. Potatoes contain almost all the nutrients a human needs to survive. Not sure the same can be said about boxed wine.

    6. Let's face it, he wasn't going to pass that test anyways.

    7. When you're going through a bad break-up, sometimes you've got to make some pretty tough calls.

    8. Nothing says "I love you" like a case of Sam Adams.

    9. This is going to be the worst birthday this kid has ever had.

    10. This may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but this guy is really going to regret this decision about 9 months from now.

    11. Sure, except when you go to the junk food aisle and find a bunch of abandoned weights.

    12. This person is gonna wish they'd held on to those Froot Loops when they make it through that six pack of Heineken later.

    13. Hate to imagine where this person's night was headed, but it was nowhere good, that's for sure. Glad they saw the light. (Or rainbow, I guess.)

    14. Now, come on! That's just being lazy.

    15. Good for her. She's her own person, and she doesn't need to impress ANYONE.

    16. And the toughest choice of them all. Help cure cancer or own a really rad Star Wars pen? Truly an impossible decision.

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