30 Charts You Didn’t Know You Needed

Data is neat. But it’s even neater when it’s organized into a pretty chart. (Like, literally. It’s way easier to read.)

1. Plot devices in prize-winning novels:

2. What vegetables are in season when:

3. How hair color corresponds to eye color:

4. How vaccination affect disease rates:

5. A chart of movement between relationship statuses on Facebook:

Notice that people go from “engaged” to “single” than they do from “engaged” to “married.”

6. The age distribution of popular blogs:

7. A guide to the different types of coffee:

8. A chart from Google that shows a spike in searches for “fitness” each January:

9. Hue densities across film trailers:

10. Caffeine vs. calories in popular beverages:

11. A chart that explains daylight savings time:

12. Income distribution within U.S. religious groups:

13. How often the word “Mordor” appears in each LOTR book:

14. Video games organized by platform and genre:

15. A comparison of various liquid prices:

16. Logo colors and how they correspond to industries:

17. A guide to the many types of vegetables:

18. A GIF of popular music formats over the years

19. Likelihood of a break up per day:

20. …and how they’re most likely to go down:

21. A chart of how often OKCupid users lie about their height:

22. A guide to common birthdays:

23. Explosions in movies vs.how much money they make:

24. The age distribution of popular social networks:

25. Deaths in Quentin Tarantino films:

26. The average price per piece of a LEGO brick since 1960:

27. The popularity of gay marriage and sushi:

28. The reading level of every “Star Trek” episode:

“Flesch-Kincaid reading level score for: TOS (yellow), TAS (orange), TNG (blue), DS9 (red), and VOY (green).” Higher grade levels imply more difficulty in readability.”

29. Annual science spending vs. annual military spending:

30. Gun-related deaths per capita vs. gun ownership per capita in OECD countries:

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