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Bruce Wayne Unveils The Batman Suit For The First Time In "Zero Year"

In Batman "Zero Year," the Batman suit will be unveiled for the very first time all over again. Get (another) first look at the iconic outfit in Batman #24, in stores today.

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"I really wanted the costume to be a modernization of that very first Bob Kane costume - with the flatter face, the curved ears, the split cape, and of course, the purple gloves. I've always loved the simplicity of that costume, how simply and striking it is, and so my hope was do to something that honored that original design but gave readers something relentlessly modern and young. So when describing the basic concept to Greg, I sent a picture of that costume on the cover of Detective #27 and said, imagine this, but redone by a twenty five year old badass, defiant, wild Bruce Wayne - something with a motorcycle racer's daring, but meant for war. Greg played around with it, but like the genius he is, he came up with this within just a few sketches. The flexible kevlar plating on the shoulders and down the arms and legs is brilliant design work on his part, in my opinion, because it makes the classic costume feel sleek and fast, but also militaristic. I couldn't love the design more. And the gloves! Later in the story Alfred questions his gloves and Bruce stops him in his tracks. Never talk about a man's gloves, Alfred, is all he says. Because, well..he's Batman now."

-Scott Snyder


"This suit is a nod to the Father of the Bat, Bob Kane. But, Scott and I revamped it quite a bit--made it more contemporary and a whole lot more Rock 'n' Roll. From the stripes to the chunky belt buckle, Bruce is saying, "Look out, Gotham baddies. It's time to go into the pit." I imagine a wall of Marshalls--their tubes glowing hot--speakers melting as they pump out Batman's famous theme song as he heads out into the dark night."

-Greg Capullo

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