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    24 Headlines You'd Rather Be Reading Today

    It's not all bad news.

    1. I know what you're thinking. You're ready to just give up on the news today.

    2. Because it's easier to just tune it out than it is to let it really sink in and affect you.

    3. But sometimes it's helpful to remember all the good in the world:

    4. Or even just the absurd:

    5. Or that we're all working through our own problems, and that you're not alone today:

    6. There's more important stuff happening in the world than what you're seeing on the news networks today:

    7. It's important to remember to stay hopeful, even when the odds are stacked against you:

    8. And that no matter how misguided someone may be, they're still capable of generous and thoughtful acts:

    9. And even when things seem bad, try to at least appreciate any little bit of humor you can squeeze out of a situation:

    10. Maybe take a moment to vent a little:

    11. Or pray to a higher power:

    12. Or just tune out and waste some time on the internet:

    13. Spend time with your friends:

    14. Pets can be very therapeutic in particularly trying times:

    15. And even though the political coverage may be getting you down:

    16. Remember that there's still a lot of good in this world:

    17. And that some things are just more important:

    18. No matter how angry or lost you feel...

    19.'s okay to take a moment for yourself today:

    20. Focus on taking care of yourself:

    21. And just do what's best for your own self:

    22. Remember that you still have power. You still have a voice. You can still create change in the world:

    23. Even if you're not up for doing much with it today:

    24. And if it's all still too much to handle. Go outside. Just get away from it all: