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    24 Reasons Facebook Should Have A “No Grandmas” Policy

    Grandpas too, while we're at it.

    1. They're always accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash.

    2. They have a lot of fundamental misunderstandings about the president.

    3. And about other cultures.

    4. And about technology.

    5. Actually, they fundamentally misunderstand most things.

    6. But you can't question them, unless you want a taste of their "GRAMMATUDE."

    7. They're always dropping truth bombs on the Olive Garden.

    8. They're not great at memes.

    9. They're always wishing Burger King a happy birthday.

    10. They're terrible economists.

    11. They're too eager to show you their sex tape.

    12. They're pretty sure they're related to a restaurant.

    13. They're terrible at following directions.

    14. They're always leaving cryptic messages on Red Lobsters page.

    15. They think this is what Obamacare is:

    16. They think of themselves as religious experts.

    17. (They're not.)

    18. But they still won't stop witnessing to Quizno's.

    19. They'll always post that "No Cash, No Hope" joke when they see it.

    20. Always.

    21. They're pretty sure this will work:

    22. And this:

    23. They let babies speak for them. (Oh, and the baby is a bigot.)

    24. And because this is the funniest thing they've ever seen:

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