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28 Pictures Everyone Needs To Stop Posting On Facebook

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1. Pictures of your boyfriend’s “bruises” from his last “fight."

2. Paintings your homegirl made for you.

3. Or that sketch you just finished.

4. Pictures of your new “girlfriend."

5. Your portfolio from that time you tried modeling.

6. Slut-shaming Miley Cyrus.

7. Highlights from that time you twerked your pad off.

8. Photos of your horribly scarred eyes.

9. Photos of your new tattoo, especially if your name is Ana.

10. Anything that indicated that you might be, or even know, a Brony.

11. Selfies from that time a simple traffic stop turned into a misdemeanor.

12. Pictures of the “mask you constantly where.”

13. Photos from your stay at the hospital.

14. Pictures from ballet practice.

15. Anything tagged #WhiteBoy or #TeamCute.

16. Your ilerminaty conspiracy theories.

17. Pictures of your new Monster tattoo that you’re inexplicably proud of.

18. Or pictures of your new tattoo of your daughter’s name.

19. A catalog of sex positions with all the women you want to have sex with tagged.

20. Your cheesy webcam confessionals.

21. Photos from your band’s first big gig.

22. Photos of yourself all dressed up.

23. The conversations you have with god on your TI-83 calculator.

24. Solemn promises made to newborns.

25. Pictures showing off your technique.

26. Your misconceptions about the Civil War.

27. Photos from the time you released your hamster into the wild, you monster.

28. And of course, never post photos of whatever the hell is happening in this picture.

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