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18 Ways "Adventure Time" Is Making You A Better Person

Lessons for living a better life, with Jake the dog and Finn the human.

1. Don't be too attached to physical things. There are more important things in life.

2. If you want others to respect you, learn to respect yourself.

3. Everyone makes mistakes.

4. Focus on the things that actually matter.

5. Nobody gets it right on the first try.

6. Always get consent.

7. Don't be afraid of things you don't understand. There's probably a reasonable explanation.

8. Don't be a misogynist.

9. Existence can be a scary thing, but it's also exciting.

10. It's OK to act weird if it makes you feel normal.

11. Be true to yourself.

12. When things look dark, stay positive. Look for the light.

13. Always be there for your homies, and they'll be there for you.

14. Love can hurt sometimes.

15. Don't take yourself too seriously.

16. We're each unique. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

17. It's OK to be lazy sometimes.

18. It's OK to hold hands... for safety.