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    Adding "Tumblr" To A Google Image Search Is Like Adding A Hipster Filter

    If you're looking for a picture, and you want something that will appeal to all the hip, young people, just pop a "tumblr" on the end of your search. Boom! Your results are instantly more appealing.

    Let's start with something easy. Here's the search for "heart"...

    Here's the regular search.

    And here's the search with "tumblr" added.

    The regular search is all the boring clip art you'd expect, but add "tumblr" to the search and – WHOA, look at all those Instagram filters.

    The search for "cross stitch":

    Regular search.

    With "tumblr" added.

    The regular search is all stuff you'd expect to see in your grandparents house, but the tumblr search is packed with ironic and subversive cross stitches.

    The search for "camera":

    Yep. Those are cameras.

    Wait, one of those is just an Arizona Iced Tea can.

    The regular search shows you exactly what you'd expect, but the tumblr search full of warm filters and quotes about life.


    The regular search.

    With "tumblr."

    Aside from the bananas from Mario Kart, the regular search is just pictures of bananas. The tumblr search, on the other hand, has a picture of Angela Lansbury on the first page of results.


    The pictures the regular search returns are really nice, but just look at those tumblr results. God damn gorgeous.

    And finally, here's the search for "Nicolas Cage":

    The regular search is all head-shots and tasteful photos. The tumblr results feature a lot of Nic Cage's face photoshopped onto cats. Oh, and something called "Picolas Cage."

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