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    5 Most Awesome Deaths in Children's Movies

    Death scenes in movies don't have to be all sad and weepy. Sometimes they can pretty violent and awesome. Go ahead and add your favorites too.

    • 1. Ursula gets rammed by a ship

    • 2. Gaston falls off a castle INTO a ravine

    • 3. Davy Jones is stabbed in the heart by Johnny Depp

      This one is a double whammy. Not only is Davy Jones killed by awesome stabbing, but Will Turner is killed by terrible timing.

    • 4. Oogie Boogie's skin ripped off

      then his guts (made out of bugs) fall out into a giant vat of lava. Awesome.

    • 5. Syndrome gets sucked into a plane engine

      A bunch of people were probably killed by all the debris from the explosion too.