27 Signs You’ve Found Yourself A Keeper

When you find something this good, don’t let go.

1. He writes you beautiful (fridge) poetry.

2. She’s always trying to keep things adventurous in the bedroom.

3. He’ll wait patiently for you to finish up your shopping.

4. She’ll wait patiently for you to finish up your shopping.

5. He can do the skeet skeet with icons.

6. She’ll happily pose for a Sears portrait with you. (And your cat.)

7. He’ll care for you when you’re vulnerable.

8. She’ll leave you heartfelt love notes.

9. He’ll will provide for you when you complain that your place doesn’t have enough natural light.

10. She still looks good in an accidental mustache.

11. He’ll buy you thoughtful gifts like this:

12. She looks beautiful all the time, even when she’s sleeping.

13. He knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling stressed.

14. She makes sure your birthday gift is fully charged when you open it.

15. He keeps all your important dates on a calendar.

16. She’ll let you use her unusually tacky back as a smartphone holder.

17. He’ll help you stay organized.

18. She’ll let you wear your activity tracker during sex.

19. He’ll always find new ways to surprise you.


20. She tries to make the time you spend together more exciting, even the most mundane moments like cleaning.

21. He’s always up for some intimate cuddling.

22. She keeps a bottle of “shower wine.”

23. He’ll get down on his knees of you. (To help you do dishes.)

24. She’s always surprising you with romantic gestures like breakfast in bed.

25. He’s not like other boyfriends.

26. And she’s not like other girlfriends.

27. And of course, the most obvious sign you’ve found a keeper…

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