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26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

These are the future leaders of the free world.

1. Winning @ Life, Andy.

2. If you aim low enough, you don't have to worry about falling short of your goals.

3. This girl has is all figured out.

4. Warren is a realist.

5. Graham had the same idea, but with a twist ending.

6. This kid pretty much summed up humanity.

7. Super villain in the making.

8. Dream big, guys. Eat toast.

9. Follow your dreams, Cole.

10. Tremble in fear, messy tables. Your doom has come.

11. Maybe a little ambitious, but at the rate technology is developing, it could happen.

12. Lukas is a future geologist or demolitionist. He could go either way.

13. Desks, homework, and the pursuit of bananas.

14. I suppose there are worse goals to be chasing.

15. We all went through that phase, Sarah.

16. Please call! Broken heart.

17. Twenty years from now, she's going to be the world's most infamous counterfeiter.

18. This kid is already planning for bar trivia nights.

19. I like his stance on obedience, but he really waffles on the whole biting issue.

20. Going to make a great parent someday.

21. Wait, why is "Find Atlantis" crossed off?

22. I sense a life cut tragically short by diabetes and heart disease.

23. Baller ambition, kid.

24. Elena has her priorities straight.

25. I've got some bad news, kid.

26. Piles of $$$ can be tempting, but you should really consider investing.