24 Typos To End All Typos

These are the Alpha and the Omaha.

1. This is a terrible way to start a book. Unless you’re, like, into that sort of thing.

2. That’s actually a great price for a discocunt.

3. That’s a terrible combination. Unless you’re, like, into that sort of thing.

4. Poor kid looks exhausted.

5. Worst nickname ever.

6. No thanks.

7. Is that a new flavor they’re trying?

8. Typo with the word “typo” in it. Meta-typo.

9. This is the LAST thing these firefighters need to be dealing with right now.

10. It’s been years, but I don’t really remember that character.

11. I’ve gotta start going to church again.

12. Truth in advertising.

13. What the hell is going on in Minnesota?

14. You had a good run.

15. I’m not sure mine does that?

16. Good riddance.

17. Seems like that would hurt.

18. These reefs are FABULOUS!

19. Mmm, appetizing.

20. Whoa. I guess women really like pancakes.

21. Is that a new one? Where is it again?

22. Actually, I’ll just have a salad.

23. On second thought, I’m not really hungry.

24. I can’t even tell what went wrong here.

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