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21 Reasons You Should Never Get Your Hopes Up

When life gives you lemons, screw life.

1. Because nothing is ever as good as it looks in the ad.

2. Because real life is never like the movies.

3. Because that haircut you saw in that magazine is never going to look as good on you.

4. Because one person's extra extra large is another person's extra extra gross.

5. Because you can't pull off bangs.

6. Because fun cocktails are never as fun as they seem.

7. Because berries don't grow on trees.

8. Because that sexy hair flip never works out as expected.

9. Because tattoo art is hard.

10. Because the Magic Kingdom isn't actually all that magical.

11. Because that cute bouquet is tougher to pull off than it seems.

12. Because you don't have the right body type for cutoffs.

13. Because those expensive family portraits are going to hang on your wall forever.

14. Because LEGO kits aren't easy.

15. Because you're not as inspiring as you think you are.

16. Because you should leave the cute Pinterest projects to the professionals.

17. Because you're a terrible cook.

18. Because college wasn't all you thought it'd be.

19. Because you don't look as good as you think you do at the beach.

20. Because you're not all that athletic.

21. And because you want to get more exercise, so you imagine going for a run looks a lot like this:

But it actually looks a lot like this: