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    16 Cereal Brands If They Were Sponsored By Rappers

    With such natural brand synergy, I don't know why this didn't happen sooner. Via

    1. Kanye West for Kanye Chex™

    2. Jay Z for Jigga Jacks™

    3. Snoop Dogg for Snoop Loops™

    4. Ludacris for Luda Crisp™

    5. Macklemore for Mackle S'Mores™

    6. Trick Daddy for Trix Daddy™

    7. Rick Ross for Rice Rickies™

    8. Lupe Fiasco for Froot Lupes™

    9. 2Pac for Corn Pacs™

    10. 2 Chainz for 2 Grainz™

    11. Nicki Minaj for Weeeezies™

    12. Coolio for Coolios™

    13. Gucci Mane for Gucci Grahams™

    14. Drake for Frosted Drakes™

    15. Waka Flocka Flame for Waka Flocka Flakes™

    16. Vanilla Ice for Rice Rice Krispies™