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    14 Detention Slips That Were Well Deserved

    Sometimes, the punishment fits the crime. Especially when you're playing "Hide and Go Poop."

    1. Must have been one hell of a sentence.

    2. There are no winners in “Hide and Go Poop."

    3. If looking at pictures is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    4. If looking at pictures of... you know what? Forget it.

    5. Oh damn! That's SAVAGE!

    6. Old Khai is at it again with his Hammer of Justice.

    7. She's doing god's work. (Literally.)

    8. Classic.

    9. Oh, I didn't know you could get detention for being too clever.

    10. This kid's got a bright future ahead of him.

    11. Man, don't ruin his high.

    12. Well, are you his dad? Cause if not, his point is valid.

    13. Yeah, that's creepy. I agree with your teacher this one.

    14. Kinda feels important to know WHOSE testicles were being flicked.

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