13 Reasons You Should Be Pro Bird Rights

If you’re for bird rights, you should be following @ProBirdRights on twitter. If you’re not for bird rights, you can go to hell.

1. Without bird rights, how would bird find an bread?

2. Without bird rights, Obama and squirrels win.

3. Bird rights activists recognize that bird is great.

4. Bird rights activists know that birdtime is now, 4 ever n ever.

5. Without bird rights, how will we ever have America’s first bird president?

6. Without bird rights, how will we ever tear down the walls of prejudice?

7. Bird rights activists know not to take handouts.

8. Without bird rights, how will birds ever reach the heavens? (Or, are they already there?)

9. Without bird rights, how will birds protect their feet?

10. If you’re not a bird rights activist, you’re a #misaviariandrist.

11. Without bird rights, birds will continue to be second class citizens.

12. With bird rights, you can be best.

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