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    10 Voice Actors You Didn’t Know You Knew

    There are actors in this world who you have never actually heard of, but whose work you hear on a daily basis. Here are ten iconic voices that you've probably never thought twice about.

    1. Jane Barbe: “If You'd Like To Make A Call, Please Hang Up And Try Again.”

    2. Cara Jones: “In 300 Yards, Turn Left.”

    3. Lorraine Nelson: “Your Call Has Been Forwarded To An Automatic Voice Message System.”

    4. Charlie Pellett: “Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors, Please.”

    5. Frank Tavares: "Brought To You By The John D. And Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation"

    6. Elwood Edwards: "You've Got Mail."

    7. Russ Leatherman: "Hello And Welcome To Moviefone!"

    8. Don Lafontaine: "In A World..."

    9. Jake Wood: "People Who Visit Could Save Hundreds On Car Insurance."

    10. Thurl Ravenscroft: "They're Grrrrreat!"