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10 Great New Single-Serving Tumblrs

Tumblr is quickly becoming the blogging platform of choice for some of the most entertaining single-serving sites around. Here are some of the best new single-serving tumblrs created in the past few months:

  • 1. Smile Like You're Dead Inside

    The smile says happiness, but the eyes say soul-crushing emptiness.

  • 2. Growing Up Heroes

    A collection of kids dressed as their favorite heroes, be them comic book, film, or other.

  • 3. Kid Casting

    An exploration of the the choices casting people make when pairing up child actors with their famous adult counterparts.

  • 4. Hot Chicks with Stubbed Toes Making Sex Faces

    The best place to go if you want to see girl's in intense physical pain making sex faces... If you're into that sort of thing

  • 5. Fuck Yeah Capybara

    A surprisingly well-written tribute to the world's largest living rodent.

  • 6. People Talking On Bananas

    Everyone's favorite joke when they were 6 years old, immortalized by Tumblr.

  • 7. GIFCAT

    Just animated GIFs... Of cats... Only cats. Awesome.

  • 8. Fuck Yeah, Jersey Shore

    All the guilty pleasure of MTV's Jersey Shore, without the guilt of having to actually watch Jersey Shore.

  • 9. American Apologies

    The perfect outlet for your liberal guilt, American Apologies is a numbered list of things Americans need to be ashamed of, and a subsequent apology to the world.

  • 10. Succeed Blog

    The Tumblr antithesis to FailBlog.org dedicated to those times to when everything goes right.