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The Best New York Gubernatorial Candidate in All of History

Here is a list of links, resources, and things you need to know about Jimmy "Mack" McMillan, running for New York State Governor. Fuck upstate New York!

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  • Is also known as Papa Smurf

  • His Party is called "The Rent is Too Damn High Party"

    With its wonderful retro-style geocities-esque webdesign, bumpin beatz and promise of creating "3 to 6 Million Jobs," his party website be amongst the best websites on the internet. Also, he gives reasons why the New York State governor should ignore the rest of the state.

  • He Really Gives a Damn

    After being forced to shorten his party name to "The Rent is Too High" Party, and fearing this lessened the impact of his party's name, He took The New York State Elections Board to Court, and a compromise was reached- he could now call his party the "Rent is 2 Damn High" Party. Link

  • Walked Across New York State

    In 1994, dressed in martial arts attire, Jimmy McMillan walked across New York State to raise awareness for his party. Here are some resources and news articles.

  • He was a Vietnam Vet

    His own website, second only to his party's website, promises changes, lower rents, and to prove that he's no worse than John Kerry, showcases his achievements in Vietnam. Link

  • Most Importantly, He is Awesome

    So vote for Jimmy McMillan, New York State's flyest gubernatorial candidate...ever.