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    8 Disney Plants That Can Definitely Get It

    We all have a thing for Disney animals. Now how about those that require a little photosynthesis?

    Grandmother Willow, Pocahontas

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Sure, she may be getting on in years, but that means she can share with you the secrets of the forest as she cradles you in her tendril-like leaves.

    Pumpkin Carriage, Cinderella

    Walt Disney Pictures

    From a humble pumpkin to a magical carriage. This guy knows how to treat a lady. Embark on an enchanting (though regrettably short) evening in style.

    6. Dancing Thistles, Fantasia

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Look how fun these guys are! Who wouldn't want to dance the Nutcracker with a bunch of prickly plants?

    Wonderland Flowers, Alice in Wonderland

    Walt Disney Pictures

    What's great about this bunch is that there are so many to choose! From the elegant white rose... these colorful violets...

    Walt Disney Pictures

    ...and these lovesick dandelions...

    Walt Disney Pictures finally this graceful rose.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    And if the catty flowers bother you then don't worry, there are still plenty more flora to choose from!

    Magical Golden Flower, Tangled

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Here is when this list really begins to shine! Literally in the case of the Magical Golden Flower: unleash your inner beauty (plus 70 feet of magical, healing hair) with this actual drop from heaven. With this radiant bud you can stay young forever and swing from tree to tree with your hair. Warning, Magical Golden Flower may come with a crazy, old witch.

    Enchanted Rose, Beauty and the Beast

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Just as beautiful and magical as the Golden Flower, the Enchanted Rose, however, can be rather deadly. If an old hag gives you this rose then take it! She's really an Enchantress in disguise! If you don't, well, then the Enchanted Rose can help you find true love or you can remain an awesome beast hybrid who can tear apart wolves. Either way is a plus.

    Spring Sprite, Fantasia 2000

    Walt Disney Pictures

    So beautiful! And so mysterious! Is she a plant? A fairy? A goddess? The answer to that, my friends, is all of the above. This is Grandmother Willow in her younger years and the two of you can soar about the forest like the radiant nature spirits you are! So what can be better than the personification of springtime herself? There can only be one.

    1. Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy

    Walt Disney Pictures

    He is Groot. You are Groot. We are Groot. So what if he's not technically Disney, the company owns him so he counts. This guy has it all, he can whack bad guys with those extendable tree limbs, sprout little flowers, create fire flies, bust you out of prison, and regenerate from a single twig. Plus, Baby Dancing Groot is the cutest thing you ever will see. We are Groot and Groot is us.

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