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    25 Summer Childhood Memories Every Scottish Person Has

    Were you brave enough to leave the house without a jacket?

    1. Summer officially starting when your summer uniform was allowed.

    Long shorts + checked dresses = summertime.

    2. And from then on, managing to convince a teacher to have the lesson outside felt like the greatest victory.

    3. You played rounders in every single PE lesson in the last few weeks of school.

    4. And checked the weather forecast every five minutes in the week before Sports Day.

    5. You sang "Summer Holiday" at the top of your lungs on the last day of school.

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    "We're all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a... MONTH or two!"

    6. Then had to wait for English schools to break up for summer holiday TV to start.

    7. Sunlight pouring through your curtains kept you awake at night.

    8. You went for a chippy and an ice-cold can of Irn Bru by the seaside at least once.

    9. And stopped for some of this on the way home.

    10. You got the paddling pool out on a hot* summer's day.

    11. And ate a few of these to cool down.

    12. If the forecast looked extra promising, you got one of these bad boys out.

    13. Your parents shouted you in for tea and toast after you'd played with your friends long enough.

    14. If you lived near Glasgow, your whole neighbourhood probably headed to Largs for a "trip doon the water" on the one hot day of the year.

    15. And you probably went on a trip to cycle around Millport.

    16. But if you lived near Edinburgh, Portobello was your beach of choice.

    17. And your beach gear was probably shown up by all the posh people with their deck chairs and windbreaks.

    18. But wherever you lived, you definitely visited Scotland's version of Disney World: the wonder that is M&D's.

    19. Or, for a real treat, you made the annual family visit to Edinburgh Zoo.

    20. And picked up a few souvenirs while you were there.

    21. Because of the bad weather, you probably made full use of your rainy day activity book over the holidays.

    22. And you spent large parts of your summer indoors playing every board game you owned.

    23. As well as spending most days debating whether to leave the house without a jacket.

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    It was such a risky decision if you did.

    24. And getting jealous of all the sunshine-filled water gun adverts on TV when it was pouring outside.

    25. But your overriding memory of your Scottish summers is battling millions of midges.

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